Our Mission

"To enable the highest level of police services to the community while encouraging citizens support and involvement."


Our Team

Meet our Board of Directors! We sincerely appreciate all the time and dedication these individuals have given to getting the Foundation up and running. Thank you!

Mary Lou Curry
Mary Lou Curry, President
Angie Martin
Angie Martin, Vice President
Tina Maxwell, Secretary


Kim Chilcutt
Kim Chilcutt, Treasurer
Tammy Gazzola
Tammy Gazzola, Member
Justin Holcomb
Justin Holcomb, Liaison


Our History

The Weatherford Texas Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose purposes are: 

1. To benefit the people who reside, work, or visit the City of Weatherford, Texas.

2. To further the above objective by funding, assisting, or undertaking programs and activities designed to strengthen the services, organization, performance, competence, and professionalism of the Weatherford, Texas Police Department and its members.

3. To recognize and promote excellence on the part of the officers and civilian employees of the Weatherford Police Department through activities that include providing funding , or other in-kind resources, for training, performance recognition, promotional achievement, equipment, and any other activities that further the mission of the Weatherford Police Department and its officers and members.  

4. To collect and disburse to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations.

5. To promote, encourage, and foster any other similar charitable and educational activities.



Above: Chief Arnold, Board Members, and Justin Holcomb, Liaison


Weatherford Texas Police & Fire Foundation
614 Fort Worth Highway
Weatherford, TX 76086


Hours: M-F, 8am-5pm

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